A smart President? Who wants that?

Al Gore was on the VMA’s the other night and probably the only funny part during the whole show. He started by saying “I almost wasn’t going to come to this tonight, but then I heard that Justin Timberlake was bringing the sexy back, so…here I am.”

Now, I know that he has said a million times that he is not going to run for President in ‘08, but I can’t help holding on to the tiniest bit of hope that he will change his mind. People sometimes forget that he won the popular vote in the infamous ‘00 election. People also forget that the Supreme Court refused to allow the recount to finish and instead selected our president for us. I’m sorry, but where in the constitution does the Supreme Court get the power to elect the President?

Anyway, with the renewed popularity of Al Gore from his movie and subsequent high profile appearances, I don’t see how any of the major Republican options could touch Al Gore in ‘08. I really believe that the country wants to see someone of intelligence back in the White House and Al Gore obviously has that and some. He was ridiculed a lot leading up to the ‘00 elections for being dry and boring and robotic. He still is all of those things, but I think people have seen a new side to him; a side that tells jokes, a side with the ability for celebrity, and a side that is very passionate about our country and our world. It would be very difficult to beat Al Gore if he decided to run again.