Important Message

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20 million single women didn’t vote in the last presidential election. It is estimated that 2/3 of these women are likely to vote democratic. If you are one of these women, get out and vote! This is probably the most important election that we will ever see. It is about giving a voice to the opposition and creating oversight and demanding accountability from a white house that has become drunk with power, and a congress that refuses to be the checks and balances.

Many people do not realize that 2 days ago the President signed into law the Military Commissions Act. During a speech after signing Bush said, “These military commissions will provide a fair trial in which the accused are presumed innocent, have access to an attorney, and can hear all the evidence against them.”

These are lies. Flat out lies.

There is no presumption of innocence. According to the bill, suspects who have not been tried or convicted of any crimes are allowed to be tortured up to the point of causing “serious mental and physical trauma.”

There is no access to an attorney. Lieutenant Commander Charles Swift, the so called “Hero of Guantanamo,” whose story you can and should read here, has said that he was only granted access to his detained defendant, on the promise that the detainee would plead guilty.

Prisoners will not hear all of the evidence that is brought against them, and neither with their defense. The very law that Bush had just signed specifically allows the admittance of secret evidence that will not be made available to the defense.

The oldest and most fundamental writ in our country, Habeas Corpus, which grants you the right to a fair trial, an attorney, to know why you have been charged, to not be coerced into confession, has been stripped away. At the Presidents sole command, you or any other American citizen can now be declared an enemy combatant for reasons that do not have to be given to you or anyone else.

We jailed journalists who were opposed to the president using the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798, we use the Espionage Act of 1917 to imprison over 2000 so called “Hyphenated Americans” whose only crime was pacifism and advocating peace in a time of war, we used Executive Order 9-0-6-6 in 1942 to imprison 110,000 Americans simply because they were Japanese, saying “It makes no difference whether he is an American citizen — he is still a Japanese,” and now we have the Military Commissions Act of 2006 which I do not want to imagine what we might use it for in the name of national security as we have done so many times in our history. You cannot say that this law will only be used against terrorists or the enemy, and that you are safe because you aren’t doing anything wrong, because under the same guise we have created similar laws in the past and used them against INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Your civil liberties are being stripped away. If you can still vote for the people who have done these things because you believe that they share your moral values and that because you don’t agree with abortion or because you don’t want gay people to get married, then this is YOUR fault. YOU are responsible. The blood is on YOUR hands. This is not about politics. It is not about being a Republican or a Democrat. It is about your inherent civil liberties, your inalienable rights, your freedom, and your life. Do the right thing and force congress to hold the President and his office accountable. Those currently in charge are not doing it. Someone else has to. That means you NEED to vote and you NEED to get them out.