You know how to do it? What are you waiting for?

Did John McCain seriously say that fixing social security is easy? All we have to do is get Ronald Reagan and Tipp O’Neil together to talk about it?

Are you kidding?

If it is that easy, why haven’t you done something about it in your last 26 years in the senate? Or is this another thing that you just happen to “know how to do” like finding Bin Laden or fixing the economic crisis? Simply saying “My friends, I know how to do it” is not proof that you do. If you know how to do it, then why the hell don’t you do it? Do we really have to elect you to the presidency before you’ll show everyone how to do all of this stuff? You’ve been a senator long enough to do all of these things you claim to “know how to do” yet you haven’t done it. What are you waiting for? I guarantee that if you did all of these things now, you’d be elected in a landslide. You wouldn’t be in a free-fall in the polls. You wouldn’t have to keep pulling these weak stunts like “suspending” your campaign. If you were doing all of the things you claim to “know how to do” you would have won a long time ago. So, either you are just holding out on the American people or you really don’t know how to do anything. My guess is that you don’t really know how to fix things. If you are simply holding out until we vote for you, then you really are the stingy old geezer everyone says you are and you should have been voted out of office a long time ago.