Firefox 3

I’ve been a huge fan of the Firefox browser for about 5 years since I first learned of it. I like the security, speed, and customization that it provides. I would absolutely never go back to using Internet Explorer again.

Unfortunately, lately I have been really disappointed with Firefox 3. Firefox 2 had its problems, such as being a huge memory hog at times, but it was a very stable browser. Firefox 3 (now 3.0.3) has one problem that is absolutely driving me nuts and forcing me to consider switching to a new browser. It crashes constantly. I have reinstalled several times, hoping I just had a bad install. But after being updated 3 times to 3.0.3, it crashes as much as the day I installed it.

There are 2 specific types of crashes I experience. The first is the old one common to FF 2 where it closes and brings up the standard Windows Vista “Firefox has stopped working” dialog. The other is new to FF 3 where it closes and brings up a new dialog box asking me to report the problem to Mozilla and giving me the option to restart.

Thankfully FF has the “Restore Previous Session” option, so I don’t lose my browsing history from my current session, but when it happens over and over, it begins to really annoy me.

I wish there was a fix for this because I don’t like any other browser as much as Firefox. I really don’t want to switch.