Introducing v2.0

I decided a while ago that I was getting bored with my current website and that I needed to re-design it. The purpose of my site is to showcase my web and graphic design. A part of the site is my blog, where I write about whatever is on my mind. Before, the two sites had separate designs, but I always wanted to integrate my blog into the design of my site. Instead, I decided to integrate my site into my blog.

So, since I was bored with the old look, I figured now was a good time to finally update and integrate both blog and portfolio into one seamless site.

I hope anyone who feels like taking a look likes what I’ve done to the place. I am very happy with how it turned out. If anyone cares, I basically designed a Wordpress theme, so now my entire site can be controlled through Wordpress as a CMS. This was a lot of fun!!