Open letter to Senate Republicans: So proud of you!

Dearest Senate Republicans,

Great work killing the auto bailout! I’m very happy that you have chosen to rally around cutting wages and benefits for American workers so that they match foreign automakers. The extinction of the American autoworker is an awesome idea. After getting whooped the last two elections, you needed an issue to unify the party. An issue that would re-energize the base. An issue that would show the American people what Republican values look like again. Well, you’ve found it: Reducing American wages! Americans don’t deserve to make a decent wage. Of course not. If we are going to compete in a global market, our wages must match that market. That means the unions can’t have the ability to negotiate wages for their members. That job should belong to Washington. Unions are irrelevant. Worker wages need to be lower. Workers are the problem. Well, some workers. Specifically those who wear a blue collar. Now, those white collar financial sector employees shouldn’t be included here. The problem with the financial meltdown is the companies, not the workers. They should get bailed out. They deserve the money (read “lots and lots”).

Now, some may say that the collapse of the auto industry will cause ripple affects throughout the economy and result in the loss of millions of jobs. This is just silly! Have you seen how many plants are in the south that are owned by foreign auto manufacturers? Well 18 new plants are scheduled to be built in the next few years. 18 non-union, state tax subsidized plants. Everyone from Detroit can just move down south and get new jobs working for Toyota and Nissan. Since the economy is already in the tank, you might as well just let these jobs disappear while you have the chance. Might as well take the opportunity to kill the influence of the unions now.

So proud of you all! Pat yourselves on the back! Fucking hypocrites.

love you, dave