Open Letter to Barack Obama and the Democratic Leadership

Dear Mr. President and Leaders in the House and Senate,

On November 4 the American people increased the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress and voted a Democrat into the White House. They did not do this because they thought the democrats were more likely to act in a non-partisan manor, ensuring that Republican ideas continued to lead the direction of the country. They did it because they realize that Republican ideas are bankrupt. The Republicans had 6 straight years of unfettered power, controlling both houses of Congress and the Presidency. And what did they give us in those 6 years? 2 wars, $10.6 trillion in debt, 7.2% unemployment, a housing crisis, a credit crisis, and the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Now, fellow Democrats, you have the opportunity to put good liberal policies to work to turn around the economic crisis. But instead, you are having extensive meeting with Republicans to get their support for your plans for economic recovery. You have bent over backward, taking out what they don’t like and adding the tax cuts that they want instead of the one’s the middle class need. And what is the result? Not one Republican in the House voted in support of the stimulus package. And all I have heard on the TV are Republican politicians and talking heads spouting off about how to fix the economy. Are you kidding me?!? Should we really be listening to them and taking their advice?? How much sense does it make to continue listening to their ideas, when it was them who got us into this mess!

So, Mr. President, House and Senate Democratic Leadership, stop encouraging these people. They do not have the right ideas to fix our nation. They have done nothing but cause the problems and then make them worse. You gave them a chance on this stimulus package. You gave them a seat at the table and took some of their ideas into account and they repay you with zero support. Enough is enough!

If the Republicans don’t want a part in this recovery effort, so be it. Take all of the changes out that you made for them and to hell with them all. They don’t have the power to stop you from passing the bill you were elected to pass. You have the majority in the House and Senate. If they try to filibuster, get out the sleeping bags and let them do it! Let them go before the American people and block a plan for economic recovery. The American people voted for a change in the direction we are headed. We will support you. Force a traditional filibuster. Make them stand up and speak indefinitely. Do not refer any further business for the Senate. Don’t drop it. Force their hand.

Seriously though, at this point, including them only validates their position. Let them cry about it on the TV, we know they will. If they aren’t going to vote for it, then their opinions need to be stripped from the bill. End of story.

Your Friend, Dave Gillhespy