If you want Obama to fail, let him fail

So Rush Limbaugh started this crap off about wishing Obama would fail. Now you’ve got all of these other republican windbags spouting the same trash. Tom Delay, Rick Santorum, Michelle Malkin, etc. can’t stop agreeing with Rush. It is clear that the ailing conservative movement sees Rush as their leader. He headlined CPAC this weekend, speaking for an hour and a half to about 9,000 people about his plans to bring the party back into power. The plan, of course, is obstructing everything Obama and the dems try to do.

Now, the logic of this makes no sense to me. Forget the fact that Obama clearly has the support of the American people and obstructing what the American people want probably isn’t the best way to get back into power. The real problem I have with his logic is this: if you believe his policies are wrong and bad for the country and you are convinced that they won’t work, so convinced that you are hoping for his failure to prove it, wouldn’t it make more sense to help pass everything he wants to do so you can prove once and for all that the Democratic platform is wrong?

Do you Republicans out there really believe that liberal ideas wont work? Then why obstruct? If the policies are going to fail anyway, let them pass so that in 4 years when the country is completely in ruins like you think it will be, you can swoop in and take back power and save us all!! Then we can see if your ideas work…you know tax cuts for the wealthy or whatever.

Oh wait, we already know that those ideas don’t work since that is all we have had for the last 8 years and we have this huge recession, maybe small depression to show for it. Good job with that, by the way!

If you want Obama to fail, don’t obstruct, let him fail. I’m pretty confident he wont, are you?