I Never Realized How Scary Gay People Are

Now it has all been made very clear. If you believe this ad, gay marriage is absolutely HORRIFYING!!!!!!

Not only is there a storm-a-brewin’, but that storm will bring the gay…right…into…your…LIFE! Your freedom will be taken away (not sure how extending a human right to a marginalized part of society takes away my freedoms, but whatev)! Doctors will lose their JOBS (since they perform marriages? I don’t get it). Your youth group will be DESTROYED (no one is asking you to accept the gay into your church. The laws that have been passed specifically give exemptions to religious groups)! Your kids will be forced to LEARN about gay people in school (nonsense)!! They want to change the way YOU live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you will have NO CHOICE!!!!!!! You will be forced to marry a gay person!!!! That must be what they are up to!!!!

At least these guys are forming a “rainbow coalition” who are “coming together in love” to save you! Thank God!!

What a load of bullshit that is.