A simple new blog

Almost 2 years ago I lost my old blog to a terrible web host’s failure and my own stupidity for not backing anything up. Since then I managed to get around to putting up a new, much simpler site, but replacing the blog has seemed too daunting. With the help of the wonderfully easy Jekyll static site generator, I have finally decided to take on the task.

I hope to primarily write about web development, but I’m sure some other stuff will sneak in. For now, I resurrected a couple old blog posts from Facebook (apparently I had some Wordpress plugin that posted everything to my Facebook notes section) so there would be something here while I work on new content and building an archive from old posts.

I’m not going to go through the trouble of fixing broken links and images on old posts, so please forgive the mess. I just want to get them published for nostalgic reasons and focus on new writing.

I hope you find something valuable here. See you soon!