Hi, I’m Dave!

My name is Dave Gillhespy. I am a Web UI Architect at Quicken Loans, but my made up title doesn't really matter. What matters is that I absolutely love HTML and CSS. It's way more than just a job for me. I am enamored by responsive web design, semantic markup, and progressive enhancement. I often dabble in javascript and try to be a designer, but HTML and CSS are my true loves.

Outside of work, when I'm not doing side projects, I love to write, I love to read, I love music, and I love movies.

What I'm Proud Of

Tools of the Trade

The most important tools that I use are Sass, Object Oriented CSS, and Responsive Web Design. These have all changed the way I think about and build websites. Additionally, I never stop fighting for the old standbys: user experience, accessibility, performance, progressive enhancement, and semantic markup.

Where to Find Me

Just look for yodasw16 in all the coolest places. You can start with these:

Where I've Been